Deck Staining / Sealing

Wood Deck Exposure

Wooden decks face constant exposure to the sun, rain, and snow. Excess moisture causes wood to swell and shrink. Shaded decks face mildew and fungi growth. Untreated wood needs to be protected, as damage from exposure is immediate. Below are some of the different services we provide to restore and protect your deck:

Wood Deck Restoration

Wooden decks that have not been sealed and maintained can have surface corrosion and wood rot. A deck can be restored as long as the damage is in the beginning stages. Our professionals have years of hands-on experience with wooden deck restoration and can recondition and restore the wood to bring your deck back to life.

Wood Deck Cleaning

Homeowners can create further damage to decks by incorrectly using a pressure washer. Our team will apply a pre-cleaner to prepare the wood before power washing to efficiently remove all dirt, mildew and graying.

Wood Deck Refinishing

Wooden decks that have severe surface damage can still be refinished. The top layer of the wood needs to be carefully removed by sanding. All nails or screw heads have to be set below the surface. Additional sanding will ensure a smooth surface.

Wood Deck Staining and Sealing

Our team can apply a high quality stain or sealer to a new deck. We have the experience to ensure that the correct amount is applied, avoiding the common problem of stickiness caused by over application. A beautiful, protective finish can protect your deck up to two years.

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