Dry Wall

We do entire new construction drywall jobs from installation to finishing till paint ready and any repair. Dry wall comes into play in virtually every case of new construction and remodeling. While dry wall is an integral part of many new construction projects, it is also used to repair many homes and office buildings that have been damaged by mold, water leaks or other outside factors. Below are some different uses for dry wall and how our staff uses it:

Repairing the Ceiling

Leaks can cause the ceiling to mold, crack, and peel off. In addition, this can be a source of harmful pollutants in the air and asbestos if not treated immediately. In circumstances such as these, our contractors will work to safely remove the deteriorated ceiling and replace it with new dry wall into the ceiling boards. This gives it a brand new surface to work with. Homeowners can then add a new texture or paint it to blend it in with the rest of the ceiling.

Repair or Build a New Wall

Dry wall is most commonly used as a wall to cover a bare insulated frame when building a new home or repairing a damaged wall. Dry wall comes in at least 3 different sizes (4’X8′, 4’X9′ and 4’X12’) to accommodate most standard home interiors, but can easily be cut to fit into custom spaces.

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